fun fabric frame project

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I love this project...I found it from AT's Ohdeedoh.... I have so many fabrics that I've been meaning to hang somewhere...anywhere!...and this IKEA frame fits the bill!


  1. Oh I totally love this idea. You know, back when I was a kid, my mom used take these awesome Marimeko prints and stretch them over frames. We had them everywhere. Such a fantastic idea to get something lovely on the wall for very little money. And I'll be headed to Pittsburgh in a couple weekends so these frames just went on my IKEA shopping list :)

    Great tip!

  2. So great! I remember the marimeko prints, so cool, some fabrics are so beautiful they need to be framed, do it yourself art, doesn't get much better!:)

  3. I knew you would remember those fabric/paintings we had. I used to love them. I think I want to try doing this with some of these amazing fabrics KJ has posted. Of course I will have to get some frames from IKEA when I visit ;)