Phew! Where did that 2 days go.

OK, not sure exactly where this past weekend went. By the time I got my bearings it was Sunday evening. I didn't get hardly anything done but I did have time to squeeze in this amazing Curried Sweet Potato & Rice Autumn soup. Delicious recipe from Everybody Likes Sandwiches.
Oh and my new favorite in the kitchen...Pataks Curry Paste. I want to add it to everything I make from now on :)
 I could not resist adding a couple of photos from Laura, Joe and Zeus' fabulous fall hike. Joe and Zeus...all ready for hunting season (they aren't hunters...just making sure they can be seen). Love it!


  1. Holy cow that soup looks amazing!! I want a bowl right now, its chilly out. I'm going to make this for sure!! Two fall guys!! It doesn't get more pretty than fall on the east coast, so gorgeous!!

  2. This stew is very easy. Very vegetarian. Delicious!!

    Love these pics you guys took this week. Those guys looks to great ... and safe!