Hermes Boxes

I was just in the mood to write about Hermes boxes and how much I love them.....Did you know that Apartment Therapy did a post on decorating w. these coveted orange boxes?
Katie, do you see the cute Twilly box on top???  Where have you kept yours?  I have mine on my white parson's desk in the living room.  I love this box!  I'm still enamored by the two scarf boxes I snatched this summer while in London. I haven't worn my scarf yet (kinda scared to wear it out in public for some reason...don't want to ruin the "pristine" newness, maybe)...but one of these days I'm going to have to.  I have a strange habit of "saving" things and then never really wearing them.   

Long live the orange box!  

{Katie, take a look at the comments section! Hilarious...Clearly some people cannot appreciate a beautiful box when they see one!}

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  1. KJ!! First, fabulous post. I am tickled that you asked me where my twilly box is...my only homage to Hermes. It is sitting pretty on the dresser in my bedroom, right next to a little collection of Tiffany boxes and a surprisingly adorable Coach box. Also in the vicinity, a Kate Spade box and the gorgeous yellow emersonmade box. The Hermes box is an icon. Pure and simple. It is elegant and punchy with that kick of color. It is a status symbol that deserves a spot in every design museum in the world. All that said...geez...those comments were almost depressing. Clearly all those folks are regular readers of AT and yet...so clueless. Just boxes...what?!?! Most perplexing moment of my day. If you can't see the beauty in those boxes then you aren't reading your design blogs close enough folks.