Dino ... & the 'Chairman of the Board'

Did I ever tell you how much I love Dean Martin? Well, I do. In fact, while we are on the subject you should know I adore 'Ole Blue Eyes', Frank Sinatra as well. I kind of dig that whole martini drinking, cigar smoking, tuxedo wearing generation...but mostly what I love is their music. Gorgeous arrangements, deep and pure voices...these 2 characters in particular could do things to a simple, beautiful song like no one else. Give a listen to one of my all time favorite songs...you'll melt...guaranteed.

(This is kind of a holiday related post because these 2 also have some of the best Christmas albums of all time :)


  1. Dino is my favorite!! This song is so awesome, I think I listened to it all morning, thanks for the reminder!!:)

  2. Do you remember that awesome mix you made for me last fall, right before I left Pittsburgh? It had this song on it and I seriously think I listened to it over and over for the whole 4 hours it took me to get back to Roch! Such a great song. I downloaded some more Dino this weekend. Love him!