Light on the posts...heavy on the masks :)

Oh my gosh...this week has been rather post-light on Ooh La La Dujour for me. With Scare Fair this Friday it's been kind of nuts at work...and with every leaf in the world coming down on my home...well, you know the rest. All raking all the time. I thought I'd give you a little taste of how things are going with the masks. We are basiallly putting them on anything with a face (and even some stuff without). Here's a sample... (from left to right)...George Eastman, Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglas and Rush Rhees (the once president of the U of R). All famous Rochestarians and the guests of honor at our 'masquerade'.

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!!


  1. goodness the photo is to die for!! i want one! love love love all of it. your library is SO much better than mine! (huge sigh).

    i wish i could say i have a better excuse for not posting so much..but frankly i don't (but i do have two classes i'm teaching today so could i use that as an excuse?)... i'm just tired lately... i hope to be back in good form soon though. many apologies to our readers!

  2. So glad you like them KJ! I can't take any credit for the actual photos. Those were produced my our lovely folks in Rare Books but the mask are mine.

    I doubt if this library is much better than your...but they do take their Halloween celebration pretty seriously :)

  3. Oh and you don't need any excuse not to post...life is just way too busy these days !