Small packages

When it comes to earrrings my motto is, the smaller the better. I am always on the hunt for teeny tiny earrings because I just love them. Elegant and out of my way...I want to wear them but not know I have them on.  Here's a couple real cuties from uppermetalclass and the adorable stars spotted on a Cup of Jo.


  1. i was just about to post but noticed blogger won't be able to load pics for a while today...

    i bought the star earrings & the penny earrings!!! i am eagerly awaiting them as we speak!!!!
    here's a link to the pennies:

    they are SO cute!

  2. Shut up!! You bought them! That's awesome. OH my gosh I saw the pennies...SOOOO cute!. How much do you love these earrings. Fabulous!