Rediscovering Stila

So, in addition to rediscovering how awesome it is to get into the gym before work, I am also rediscovering some old faves from my gym bag. 2 in particular...Stila tinted moisturizer and convertible color. I kind of forgot how much I love Stila products and these 2 are mighty fine. The tinted moisturizer is a fave because of the great coverage without the heaviness of other t.m's And the convertible color...well, is there anything better than lipstick and blush in one product...ah...no.


  1. you know, i used to love stila in the past abut kind of went away for a long while.. maybe i should re-visit them.... i used to love their cardboard containers (esp for lipstick)...they were kind of ahead of their time in terms of packaging in the 90s.

    tinted moisturizer is the best thing--no matter what brand!!!

  2. I know what you mean. I haven't used Stila in a while. Then I found all these sample of things and threw them in my locker at the gym. I've been loving them and plan to buy the real deal this weekend. And they've always had pretty cool packaging.

    I remember, you were my consultant on my first TM purchase. I've always been pretty parital to Laura Mercier but Stila makes a darn good version. You are so right...whoever, whatever you use...the idea...genius!