can you love a paper cup?

The answer is absolutely YES when it's the ABC Paper Cup!!! The best part is that these lovelies are finally available Stateside!!! I've been drooling over these for many many long months and finally the wait was worth it!!!  I'm decorating with these, if you wanted to know what I was going to do with them...Will not be drinking out of them!

{Get them at Pint Size Social}


  1. Oh man are these fantastic! Of course you can love a paper cup. I can't wait to see the plans you have for these beauties!

    Speaking of paper cup love...you know the Starbucks red cups are due out in a couple weeks...cannot wait!!

  2. oh! the red cups...i guess i'll be stopping by regularly then. :)

    seriously, i'll go bankrupt at some point because we post way too many things i want to buy!

  3. So totally true KJ!! My wish list has 10 times as many things since we started this blog!!!

  4. but i really seem to have no self control when it comes to some things!!! this is very very bad (picture appu from seinfeld saying this!)

  5. Oh...an Appu ref.! Love it!

    I hear you on the self-control. Fortunately, unless I want to end up in prison, my budget keeps me in check. Still, i shope way the heck more than I should :)