Living Proof = Solving Problems ... indeed

I didn't make up that catchy little title for this post. That's the slogan of Living Proof. Another miracle hair care product right...well maybe not for everyone but if you have wavy, thick, rather coarse hair, like me the Living Proof products are sent from heaven (just an aside, rather than think of my hair as 'coarse'...which, frankly, is such an awful word...I like to think of it as having 'texture'...as KJ once put it so nicely :) Anyway...

Oh...my...god. Laura turned me on to this stuff and while it didn't wow her it pretty much sealed the deal on my new haricut. With my short hair I really don't need much product. I figured I could get away with the cheap stuff from the grocery store but there is such a huge difference between that stuff and  Living Proof. So I decided one (slightly expensive) fabulous product is worth a dozen or so average ones.


  1. you know, i really like the colors on this bottle... that would have me sold right there!

    so happy to hear about good products!

  2. forgot to mention: i bet your hair is fabby!!!!

  3. Thanks KJ! You are always way too nice. Still loving short hair :)

    (And you are so right...packaging of this product ... A+++)