Ms. Alexa C.

Loving the Alexa Chung cover of Elle UK


  1. This cover is really fantastic. Admittedly I've been very slow to come around to Alexa Chung. I know she is a muse, 'it' girl and on and on. I'm just not a huge fan. I'm not sure why.

  2. love the photo too... generally i think most Elle UK covers are pretty good..

    you know why i like her so much? or why i started liking her in the first place? her name. :) {it's kinda like that donna chang thing...so cool that mostly white girl has a chinese last name!}....anyway, she's also just kinda quirky, plus she's british...and she seems to adore chanel. enough for moi.

  3. Oh my god! I also thought the most awesome thing about her was the 'Donna Chang' thing! I love it! You know I don't have anything against her...obviously I think she has style to burn. I just haven't fallen in love with her like a Sofia. I hope I'm not too old.

    This cover might make me rethink the whole thing though because it's amazing...great post.