Reason #172 that short hair rules

I went to the gym before work this morning. This may not mean much to you but it is a massive milestone for me...since I haven't done it since 2006 (for reasons I won't even get in to :) Anyway, it was pretty flippin great. I had forgotten how nice it is to start off the day with a workout. But the best thing about it...it seriously too me 20 minutes to get ready for work after (the part I  used to hate the most). Want to know why? Short hair. I didn't even have to blow dry my hair. It was dry before anyone even got into the office.

Mega-love :)

*Pic above is my gym here at the UofR.


  1. So psyched your getting back into the gym!! Makes my day!! I'm so envious of your short hair, you look like a French model too!!

  2. Well, now you are just begin too kind. But I am telling you Laura...that battle after working out was the worst part of well, working out. Now it's a piece of cake...and more time for...you guessed it...working out!