New drugstore faves

Love the beauty section at Pittsford Wegmans. I seriously want to go in and buy one of everything. But since the budget doesn't allow for that, I've got a couple new loves from the beauty aisles. You already know how much I love Badger Cocca Butter Lip Balm. I swear it's the best lip balm on the market for the price. But my new addiction is tinted lip balms which I don't think they had...until now. LOVE the Badger Lip Tint and Shimmer. It's a double sided lip balm...one with a hint of tint...the other designed to give a little shimmer...both sides still keep you lips nice a moist but not greasy. 

And how about the packaging of Neutrogena's Deep Clean Sport. It's Neutrogena, so of course it's awesome and this little nugget of a bottle is perfect to throw in my gym bag. Nice.

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  1. i do like the packaging for this neutrogena product! very futuristic almost....