acorns on my mind

Oak-y Dokey Garland

acorn locket necklace by madewell
Oh dear! I'm having an acorn fetish at the moment....My mom has been slowly growing my collection weekly and I even picked up some while at the Shenandoah Nat'l Park on Saturday....but these two items are just too cute to pass up, don't you think?  
Loving the locket tons.... I have a thing for lockets in general and this one is so timely..Imagine wearing it with a favorite turtleneck (Now, I never use to be one for wearing necklaces of any kind w. a turtleneck but I don't see why not.  What do you think?  I still haven't tried but I love the look---IF DONE RIGHT)
The garland is more for the nursery idea I'm concocting in my  head....I have so many ideas, but acorns & clouds are dominating the landscape!)

{Find the garland at Modcloth}
{Madewell locket is here}

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  1. I love acorns so much and I love these 2 items. They could not be cuter. I have been meaning to ask you also...you mentioned before that you and your mom were collecting acorns...just wondering what you might be planning to do with them? I'd just love to know :)

    As for necklaces and turtlenecks...personally I don't really wear the 2 together but that's just based on the fact that this was th THE look when I was in high school. Turtlenecks and a little gold chain with some charm. Since then I have seen necklaces and turtleneck done in such smashing ways. I think you are really on target if you are thinking long necklace too. You know you can trust that it will look wonderful if YOU do it KJ.

    I don't even know if there is a fashion 'rule' about wearing turtlenecks and necklaces but I feel about rules in fashion the way I do about rules in design...total bs. These rules only mean something until 1 person breaks it and does it well. Which happens all the time. Like that old fave, 'wearing white after Labor day'. Who the hell follows that anymore? A couple people have mentioned design rules to me like 'never doing thing in 2's or pairs'. OK, what? The only thing dumber than doing things in pairs is following a rule that says not to.

    Sorry for that pontification...but following dumb rules is not stylish :)