Finally....Korean Food & Culture has arrived!

I am so excited to learn about a new 13 part series on PBS about Korean food & culture. It is tentatively titled Stop and Bap.   It will feature the famed chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten & his wife, Marja (who also happens to be a Korean American Adoptee). 
It is set to air sometime in January...Don't forget to check your local PBS listings!

This is so timely because I am planning on starting another blog about my Korean food adventures in the D.C. area.  I'm working on finalizing a list of all the Korean restaurants in my area and will begin shortly!  I plan on reviewing each restaurant we try, take some good photos, and offer some history behind some of the dishes we try.
I feel like there are so many restaurants I haven't tried in the Metro area and this fun project will help me and hopefully others who aren't familiar with our fantastic cuisine!  
Bon appetit!
**Here's the link for the new blog...It's called food with seoul.  It's totally in the rough planning stages but I'll have it up and running soon!  


  1. Fabulous tip!! Note to self...set the DVR. This sounds excellent!

  2. Fabulous idea!! Can't wait to see the blog up and running soon!