Mocs go outside

So what do you all think of the moc slippers that seem so ubiquitous this season ( I really kind of love these from American Eagle). I know they are popular with the college kids here. I can see why. Like Uggs, they look massively comfortable. I remember when I was in high school, back in the 80's, moccasins were kind of the rage but these are really different from the ones I remember. Gosh I'm so tempted because who doesn't like the idea of wearing slippers on the outside.

*Just as an aside...anyone out there ever feel too old to go into certain stores? I have to admit, there are a couple that I can only stand to swing through. Blasting music and having at least 20 years on almost everyone in the store are the two biggies for not going in, for me. Abercrombie and Fitch is pretty much as bad as it gets. Thankfully, I hate everything in their always overpriced line...but then there is some great stuff at American Eagle, Forever 21, Delia's. What to do? Well, I hardly ever let it bother me...but I do get in and out pretty quick :)

Love to know what you think.


  1. i hate abercrombie---they were pretty decent in the 90s but it became a really weird place when they started making their stores really dark, stinky with perfume air, and the horrible loud music. i got older but i didn't get dumber! i think forever 21 is totally fine i love going in there but it's usually for jewelry anyway so i'm pretty quick in/out. i generally pass by delias just because i don't see too many things except the tees...but i really go there once in every 5 yrs, i think....

    mocs are popular and hey! sofia wears them so they've gotta be cool. :)

  2. Sofia wears them!? OK< that question's been answered.

    So funny that you hate A&F too. Man who in the hell shops in there. I think you have to be 13 and have high high tolerance for the loudest music on the planet. I hate that place so much.
    I do kind of like to check out the others. For some reason I never feel to old in H&M...but they've got a little somethign for everyone :)And its a fave.

  3. Yes I AGREE, abercrombie is way too expensive. I believe they have always the same style but in different colors, for the seasons it's always the same expensive style, i have to addmit i love abercrombie store smell, it is freaking awsome! But other than that i agree with yu guys. Delia's is awsome, and my favourite brand is forever 21 and H&M? those are also fantastic brands. What about Charlotte Russe they have always great deals and hot fashion clothes!

  4. Hi Beth! Great to hear from you. I am so happy I have a fellow Delia's, Forever 21 and (especially) H&M fan in you!! I have to admit, I am not sure I'd even have a wardrobe if it wasn't for H&M :)

    Now, I say, I am not at all versed in Charlotte Russe...but you've really intrigued me so I will be purusing the nex time I am at the mall. Come to think of it, I might just check the store online right now!

    Thanks for the tip!