Collegiate style gets a vote!

Have you seen this lastest pic from our style hero 'The Sartorialist'?! I'm not sure exactly why I am so jazzed by this pic. Actually, I know exactly why. As much as I adore the Sartorialist and so admire each and every one of his 'subjects', the blog often leaves me a little melacholy (in a weird way because I am also so inspired by it). It's so rare that I see a pic where I think 'gee, I could do that' or 'I would have thought to put those items together'...or even 'I could afford that'. But these 2...well, they totally speak to me. BOTH of these lovely young people are wearing pieces and pairing them in ways I would. Hoooooray!! I guess it's a little vote of confidence that I get it :) Once again, the genius of the Sartorialist. Recognizing style in ALL varieties.


  1. this is a great look! i've actually been living *in* this look for about a whole yr and a half, although I don't look half as good as the girl up there in the photo! it's more out of comfort, i'm afraid. i do love it when is see looks (from the sartorialist) that are totally do-able.... a lot of the pics are heavy on the high heels and i could never do that, but once in a while (like you) i see looks that are so easily obtainable... it's a great photo!

  2. Oh my gosh KJ ... I love this look!! And to know that you have been living in the this look well it makes me love it even more because this is my uniform! My 100% fave outfit...puffy vest, turtleneck, jeans and my comfy, sherpa lined Merrels. So easy...so practical and I always feel neat and tidy.

    Doing a happy dance that you have been doing this look too!