If it's ok for Fifi...

So everyone knows KJ and I work on college campus'...and while every college is different, they all have one thing in common...college age kids (I'm no dumby :) I love to catch the current style trends with the kids and being bombarded by them daily is a great way to see what they are up to and what's hot. That said, the rage this fall has been leggings (or skinny jeans or 'jeggings') and knee high boots. I mean, there is not a girl on this campus who is not sporting this look. I think it's pretty slick frankly and looks great. But I wondered about it for myself. I mean I do have 20 years on them...so I wrote it off as being a little to young looking. OK, jump to this past weekend. I was out and about a lot and what did I see, EVERYWHERE and on EVERY WOMAN, no matter the age or shape...you guessed, those leggings and boots.

What do you think? A look for the young or a look for everyone? Do I dare? Hmmmm....

(Fabulous print of Fifi in her leggings :)


  1. hmmm... i think you have better dressers at the UR---actually, i KNOW you do. the kids here are very very 13th grade, if that makes any sense.. and since i work in an undergraduate library i rarely get any style inspirations. i do once in a while find a nicely dressed person but that's kinda rare for me. you're lucky!

    for this look.. i do see this combo (leggings/boots) quite often too and on all body shapes/sizes..
    it's a nice look and i think if you have a nice tunic or something longer on top, then it looks way better... i'm sure you'd look fabby w. this look. don't even hesitate....
    you know, i'm going for the whole leggings, tunics & flats look myself...but it's more for the weekends and this is what i see as the ultimate "mommy outfit" (for me personally)... i'm in the process of looking for nice sweater tunics and i've seen some in the ll bean signature catalog recently that i really liked (i think it was a cowlneck too).. anyway, if you find some great pieces, please share!

  2. Don't worry KJ ... we have our share college-sweats wearing students. Just a fact of life when being a college student I suppose. Also, the weather usually dictates up here so that's an issue too...but some really try to put some effort into their look and appreciate that. And some are pretty darn good at it!

    So glad you approve of the look...I'll see how brave I am in terms of trying it. The closest I've come is skinny jeans..nothing else.