Have a delicious weekend :)

How redundant is it of me to go on, every Friday, about how happy I am that it's Friday. Well, I guess I do because I'm pretty sure we all agree. As always, I couldn't be more thrilled. The weather is supposed to be pretty spectacular. I've got a bunch of things to do...all of them errand-y and nothing you'd be interested in...but for some reason I am looking forward to getting to it, all the same. First on the list is hitting the craft stores for supplies for those masks. Last count was that I have to make about 20 of varying sizes so I need to figure out where I'm going with that. I'm also planning on making this amazing looking Moroccan-Style Stuffed Acorn Squash. The recipe is rather easy looking...though I think the toughest thing for me will be picking out a good acorn squash. I never have before ;) Speaking of which, I found the recipe via my new recipe blog addiction The Bitten Word. If you haven't checked it out...DO!

Anyway, whatever you plans, I hope you all have the lovliest of weekends!


  1. pic is fabby! and i love your weekend plans...
    have a great one!

  2. Thanks KJ! I hope you guys have a great weekend too. Any awesome plans?

  3. nothing too interesting.. our washer has gone bonkers so we're calling in for a repair on Monday (woohoo!)....probably going to see a film (not sure if it's Waiting for Superman or the new Woody Allen film)..and some good eats!

    sorry i haven't posted more.. i have two classes to teach today! ...Fridays are supposed to be easier, aren't they?

  4. No prob. KJ!! This weekend is Fall Break for the UofR kids so the library is super dead. Well, it's also a gorgeous day so that contributing to our deadness :) I hope your washer problems get solved. Had a problem with mine last year...the spin cycle didn't work. Aaaa...homeownership.

    Have a wonderful weekend!