Shhh...this year's Xmas gift will be...

...Kourabiethes :)  I have always always, wanted to spend a cozy, chilly December weekend day at home making Christmas cookies for friends and colleagues. Well, this year I am going to do it! The toughest part...I thought...would be picking the cookie. Turns out that was the easiest part because ...duh...of course I should make the official Greek Christmas cookies...kourabiethes! I was super inspired by this great post in Saveur and just loved how they were described on the blog Whipped...'piled up high' and looking like a 'mound of snowballs'. Could this be more perfect! I usually make mine in star shapes...but some of the snowball shaped variety will be fun too. Now I just have to decide on the packaging...so excited!


  1. love it!! i love giving baked items as gifts!!! i've done this several times over the yrs and it's just as fun to make gifts as it is to buy them!!! yay! great piece!

  2. You will have to help me with great packaging KJ!! I am very excited for this project...fun...and yummy!