This, just in from Fred Flare ... and in time for New Years Eve!!

This is a post KJ will delight in ...Deborah Lippman nail polish ... on sale ... today! ... at Fred Flare! Nothing could be a more perfect accessory for whatever your New Year's plans may be :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2010...a few of my favorite things

I've posted this pic before, but it's worth posting again. One of my favorite parts of 2010...my trip to Key Largo with Laura and Zeus.
2010 marked the opening of Laura and Joe's awesome new business, soulrun. Successful from it's inception...the sky is the only limit!
How can anyone not love Chris (and our great friend Johnny Cocca) cast as the sheriff and deputy in a local movie.
And last but not least...a pic of baby Zeus (so cute!) to mark the amazing news of a new member of the Ooh La La Dujour family. Welcome baby Jack. I already love you. Always remember all that we have to be so thankful for...Love you kids, Katiep

Closing out 2010

Dec. 30. Hmmmm. 1 more day left in 2010. What did you guys think of the year? From my perspective, it was pretty darn good...really kind of a transition to good in a way. For me, it was the first year in a few that was really just quiet. My health...quiet...my job...quiet...things at home...quiet...my family and dear friends...quiet. And when you've been through a lot of recent turmoil, quiet is really pretty lovely. Looking back on last year at this time, I was pretty optimistic about the upcoming year and decade...and that gut feeling turned out to be kind of accurate.

So how do I feel about what 2011 may or may not be like...OK, I'm kind of an eternal optimist, but I have to say...it's going to be a good one...'cause we're all going make it that :)

Loving this print by artist Laura Berger. She's got the spirit...so much to be thankful for...and most of it, so very simple :) Happy New Year to you all!

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone!  Sorry I've been missing this week....I've had the whole week off so I've been slacking in the blog posts...Thanks, Katie for chugging along with the cool posts....!
Can you believe 2011 is just a few days away?
Kinda scary, but I am SO SO psyched for what lies ahead...
We've been blessed this Christmas with a beautiful baby boy and cannot wait to bring him home in a few months!
So have a wonderful (and safe!) New Year's Eve and come back & see us in the
New Year for more fun....

Happy New Year, Dear Dear Friends!
xoxo, KJ


So cute!!!!!

I love love love erasers. I have my whole life. I know KJ does too which is why they end up on this blog all the time. How much do I love these...too much!!


On her recent trip to London, my friend Kris mentioned that stags were just about everywhere (the holiday decorative kind...not the real thing :) One more reason I would love to have been there...because I love them!  So speaking of which, aren't these (soy based) candles the coolest!


...very patiently to hear from you KJ :)

*Awesome photo of OJ by Joe.


Xmas '10

Hi kids!! Welcome back from our long Christmas weekend. How was yours? Mine was pretty lovely...how could it not be. 3 days off are hardly ever going to be a chore :) Here's a few highlights from the big day.  Chris needed to take down his tree stands...and since he got me boots (awesome ones, I might add), I couldn't say no...even though it was bitter outside. Here he is (above) ...doing his thing.
A pic I took while waiting for him to throw stuff down to me. It was as peaceful as it looks...but very cold with a biting wind (my feet were toasty though :)
Back at home, a view of the backyard...from the Xmas tree's perspective :) Just before we sat down to eat. A lovely end to a lovely day. Hope you all enjoyed the day too!


wes anderson kind of weekend....

We've been having an impromtu Wes Anderson film festival this weekend!  So far we've seen Bottle Rocket & Rushmore (either my favorite or 2nd fav Anderson film...Still deciding between that & Royal Tennenbaums)...Anyway we've still got all his others to go through...Thank goodness we've got another week off!
Did you hear? He's going to start work on another film very soon called Moon Rise Kingdom:
Moon Rise Kingdom is set in the 60s. Two young adults fall in love and run away. Leaders in their New England town are sticking the idea that they’ve disappeared and go in search of them. Norton will play a scout leader who brings his charges on a search. Willis is in talks to play the town sheriff who’s also looking, and who is having an affair with the missing girl’s mother, the role McDormand is in talks to play. Murray, a regular in Anderson films, will play the girl’s father, who has his own issues.
Check out Rushmore Academy for all things Wes Anderson!

Jason, Roman & the New Yorker IPad app!

Greetings my friends!  Hope you had a lovely Christmas....Are you out shopping today...or preparing for a blizzard?  We're getting  a small amount of snow in the D.C. area so we're sticking around inside...
To amuse & entertain, I've found a most hilarious ad for the New Yorker IPad app featuring (one of my favs!) Jason Schwartzman and directed by Roman Coppola....
Oh, it also features the beautiful IPad...I'm eagerly awaiting the 2nd generation (in April?) so I can go run out & buy the darn thing...Until then, I'll just be salivating for it.....


Merry Christmas to all.....

Craftily Ever After
Here's to wishing everyone a fantastic Christmas...Whether you're celebrating with family or friends, remember to cherish all those near & dear to you...
Happy Christmas to all!


no words needed...

I saw Somewhere today and....loved it (big surprise, right?).
I still can't decide which film is better....Lost in Translation or this one.  For more sentimental reasons, I love Lost more...but visually Somewhere wins hands down...There's a lot to be said for a movie that doesn't have too much dialogue.....It's what's not said that's so intriguing and so telling.  How many writers/directors can achieve that?  I had high expectations for this movie and I can honestly say I wasn't disappointed. 
Elle Fanning is my newest hero & Stephen Dorff rocks in this role.  He wasn't lying when he said this role was made for him.  Sofia really has a knack for choosing the right actors because I couldn't imagine anyone else playing the main roles--I really couldn't. 
So go see this film and bask in the warm L.A. sunshine.....

...and Merry Christmas to all!

To all the wonderful and beautiful readers of Ooh La La Du Jour...to family and loved ones, old friends and new friends too, have the merriest of Christmas'. I hope Santa leaves something super fab under the tree and in your stocking. I want everyone to come back on Monday with 5 extra holiday pounds from all the treats...and I hope you always remember how special this time of year really is :)

Love always,

*Merry Christmas to you too Zeus :)


Merry Christmas KJ!!

You are off tomorrow and we are both off from Friday through the big day...so I want to say to you, KJ that I hope you have the merriest of Christmas' ! You know my mantra...eat, drink and be very very merry!


*Cool photo of a paper stag from the Hoxton Hotel in London courtesy of K&D :)

Ode to Liberty of London

...caption by K&D (who are finishing up in London today) reads, "Libery of London. Just off Regents St. Our new favorite store'. Amen, K&D.

You know what's suprisingly fun...

...shopping for wine and spirits! Just so you don't misunderstand me, I am in no way, shape, or form, any sort of wine connoisseur. But this time of year, I find myself in the local wine shops a lot more often (for obvious reasons :) and I have to admit, once I got past the intimidation factor, I really started to enjoy the process. Let's talk about that intimidation factor for a second; listening to wine experts talk is a little like listening to expert skiers...they have a language all their own and frankly, it all sounds pretty pretentious. But then I realized there are some tangible things that I like and don't like and there are always those fabulous wine ratings to help you through the process. In the end, I just approached the whole thing the way any good librarian would and did some research....and viola! No fear and a reliably good bottle of wine on the table to boot! CHEERS!!

get out your bubbly...shoes!

The unlikeliest of collaborators, don't you think?...Well, maybe not, but the end product is interesting!  DKNY & Veuve Clicquot have come up with a limited edition rubber snow boots!  Adorable!
I love Veuve and I hope I can break out the bubblies in the near future when I get the call I've been waiting for...

Fun to make and to give

Love this simple, christmas craft time from Design*Sponge. Christmas cooking ornaments. Is it too late to jump in and make a few?


KJ got me thinking (and craving) peppermint this morning with her previous post. You all know I love the blog 'They draw, they cook'. Here is a super cool (and gorgeous) recipe for a yummy holiday treat...Peppermint Bark :)

I heart Isaac Mizrahi

You know who I absolutely adore?  Isaac Mizrahi!  I just think he's super talented and adorable!...The best style book ever is How to Have Style.  This book rocks! I've looked at it a million times and I find something new and inspiring each time I flip through it.  His eye for what works & looks right is phenomenal!  I love his work!
Just read he was on Martha's show earlier in the week...How cute is that?

I'll be Somewhere tomorrow....

I think we all know by now Sofia Coppola's Somewhere opened (in limited release) today.
I have a date tomorrow with B. to see this long awaited film...Cannot wait!  I'll be sure to give you a full report (without giving away anything, of course)...
PS: Don't you love SC's sunglasses in top photo?
Très chic!

here's my card....

I'm so excited to show you my new Rifle Paper Co. calling cards!
(sorry for the scratch marks...I'm kinda paranoid about some things...)
I think I'm getting them today!  Another one of those presents-for-self thing.  I've been having way too many of those lately....I guess it's a good thing the holidays will be over soon!
I had the hardest time picking out the "face"....I kinda liked the Jackie O. look so I went w. that...Plus, the head scarf kinda reminds me of my mom....
Anyway, the whole Rifle site is 20% off through the 25th so maybe you'd like to treat yourself to something small too....
It sure is fun to self gift!  ;)

peppermint all the way....

Dear friends...what are you up to today? Are you working or are you one of the luck folks who took the whole week off?  Wish I were in the latter boat...but I'm OK because today is my last day before the holiday break.  
Don't you love how these yummy chocolate peppermint cookies look?  Gorgeous AND delicious!  I love peppermint overload during the holidays....and nothing says Christmas like a yummy candy cane, don't you think?
Well, in case I don't get the chance to say it, "I hope everyone has a happy Christmas and a very very healthy new year!"

PS:  Katie, your gift will be on its way tomorrow....This little elf has been behind her postal duties!  :)


If you love...

...A Charlie Brown Christmas (and you know you do) you MUST check out this installment of Living In on Design*Sponge. It will make your day!

Anyone out there...

Geez, it's quiet here. This is our department. Can you believe it? Just a few days ago it was like a zoo...not a free table or chair in sight. The minute finals are finished those kids are out of here.
Here are some of our office decorations. I had our student employees make snowflakes...which they enjoyed (even though they didn't think they would :) 

What's up in your office today?

The first day of...well, you know.

The winter solstice, love it or hate it, is here. Luckily, I love it. Here's a local news story that reminded me to be prepared because it's going to be a cold one :)

*Beautiful photo by artist Bonnie Fox

East coast chic

So on the Sartorialist today, you will find this photo. To me, it's a no brainer...she looks fantastic. Simple, unpretentious, comfortable, a perfect fit for her NYC environment. I had to kind of laugh though at some of the comments this photo generated. Folks who didn't recognize...had NEVER seen...her clogs (Dansko's ...of course). Others who just plain didn't get the look. But more than a few astute readers obviously know this look and live it to boot. It was described by more than a few as casual, preppy East Coast chic. This is the look I've grown up with and lived my whole life. It's a look that isn't dependant on high (or over) priced items...it's isn't flashy...it's just what it is. I'm sad for anyone who doesn't get to spend at least 4 days a week in a look like this. To my mind, it's smashing :)

London via friends

I mentioned that I have 2 wonderful friends who are spending the holiday in England. Because they know I would give my right arm to be with them right now, they have been sending me pics...which are really meant just for me but are just so awesome, I had to post. Shhhhh...don't tell them :) Here's an assortment of breads at Jamie Oliver's new spot.
Boy George spotting!
Beautiful color scheme of the tubes.
Oxford Street at Christmast time. OK, who wants to hop on a plane now?

educated by seinfeld

Check out this funny site called The Economics of Seinfeld!
This show is pure genius.



How cool is this?
Anyone intereste in seeing Domo's insides? ;)

Fresh Air

Listen to Sofia Coppola on Fresh Air w. Terry  Gross!

i want a blizzard!

...OK, maybe not a blizzard, but a fair amount of snow would be nice...because I'm super excited about my new Sorel Tivoli boots!  Yay!  I don't think I've been this excited about snow boots in...forever.  :)
They're on their way to me right now and can I just say how much I adore Nordstroms?  They really do have the best customer service...I went shopping w. my mom on Friday at the store and we both picked up some winter boots and since I didn't like the fact that mine was on display, they ordered me a new pair w. free shipping and they even shipped it out on Saturday!  
I'll be sure to give you a full update later!

what's next for carine?

I know you've already heard the news:  Carine Roitfeld is leaving French Vogue.
This should pave the way for her to take over American Vogue, don't  you think? 
What a fabby idea! 
You know what else I love?...That she can wear a band aid on her leg and still look ultra cool....Now, can you picture Anna doing this?   No!