30 for 30

This might not seem like a very Ooh La La Du Jour-y post but this is a blog about things we adore and as a life long sports fan, I have to tell you, I have been addicted to ESPN's 30 for 30 project all year long. I thought about doing this post last night as I watched the last installment of the series. In a nutshell, this project, which marks the 30th anniversary of ESPN, focuses on 30 sports stories, of the last 30 years (get the theme ;) Well, anyway, it's been brilliant. Top notch directors and filmmakers were given free reign to craft documentaries on some of the top sports related stories of that last 30 years. The films cover things you might have forgotten (the untimely and tragic death of Len Bias) and others we're still coming to terms with (oh...Marion Jones).

If this is your cup of tea, try to catch them in re-run. Like any amazing drama, it will suck you in. I guarantee.

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