recycled....and I am so good!

OK..It seems like I'm turning our blog into a tribute to all things Sofia,but I had to write about this!
 On Thurs evening she did an event at the Apple store in Soho and here's the writer's description of her outfit:
Sofia finally walked in wearing a heather gray cashmere sweater scrunched up to her elbows, a pair of fitted blue jeans, and what looked like a pair of Chloe wedges. Her hair was perfectly tousled and the only jewelry she had on was a diamond tennis bracelet and a slim black leather watch.

Isn't that wild???  Even Sofia likes to recycle her favorite accessories/clothing items!  And am I good or am I good???I think I described the accessories to a T!!! And I'm happy to report I guessed on  her shoes and my hunch was correct! The wedge booties are by Chloe!  I have no idea why I guessed that but I must have seen them in Vogue or something.... I think she also wore them to the LA premiere of Somewhere (w. her red/black striped shirt & black denim).  
It's too bad I couldn't go to this event...technically I bet we could have because our flight to Dulles was delayed by 2 hrs that night and we hung out at the airport for a long while.... Oh well... It's just as well probably....because I might have had a heart attack if I saw her twice in one week!

Are you seeing Somewhere this week??? We're planning on heading to the movie bright & early on Thurs AM!!!


  1. Awesome KJ!!! I told you, you're description was letter perfect :) I feel like I was there.

    Do you know 'Somewhere' doesn't open here until sometime in Jan. Ugh. That means I'll expect a review from you as soon as you see it!

  2. Oh and how much do I love THIS outfit too!