KS igloo shopping

How cute is this pop-up igloo from Kate Spade??!!!
They've set up shop until this Thurs so I'm definitely checking this out at Bryant Park...and of course it doesn't hurt to go back to Kinokuniya for more Japanese cuteness ( I could live  here!)...
Also on the agenda....
Bigelow Chemists because B. is obsessed with shaving products...We went to the coolest pharmacy the last time around called Pasteur Pharmacy..It's totally old-school because all the products are stock piled really high to the ceiling and they have everything you could think of in a tiny sq. footage!  Classic NY!...and I know I must have passed by this place a million times when I lived there and worked at Wiley. I used to walk the same walk every day across 34th all the way to 3rd ave...and it's only after so many years that I finally go into this store. We're visiting another location on Lex. Ave. tomorrow so I'll be sure to take some pics!
I love Bigelows!...and it's been yrs since I've returned so I should find some cool things there... 
All these things are what I miss about NY.....(sigh)

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  1. You know, going for the KS igloo alone would be worth it! How totally adorable. Leave it to Kate :) You have such fabulous stops planned for you trip...any room in your luggage for me?