what's next for carine?

I know you've already heard the news:  Carine Roitfeld is leaving French Vogue.
This should pave the way for her to take over American Vogue, don't  you think? 
What a fabby idea! 
You know what else I love?...That she can wear a band aid on her leg and still look ultra cool....Now, can you picture Anna doing this?   No!


  1. Word on the street is she may have been fired. Any thoughts on that?

    Carine at US Vouge...dare to dream a fabulous dream :)

  2. yes, i heard this juicy rumor and because it's such a stupid reason i actually might believe it.... i think this is a good thing for her personally, but majorly sucks for the magazine (which i'm sure they'll find out soon enough)...seriously, i am so so hoping she makes her way stateside cause queen anna has to retire at some point!