i want a blizzard!

...OK, maybe not a blizzard, but a fair amount of snow would be nice...because I'm super excited about my new Sorel Tivoli boots!  Yay!  I don't think I've been this excited about snow boots in...forever.  :)
They're on their way to me right now and can I just say how much I adore Nordstroms?  They really do have the best customer service...I went shopping w. my mom on Friday at the store and we both picked up some winter boots and since I didn't like the fact that mine was on display, they ordered me a new pair w. free shipping and they even shipped it out on Saturday!  
I'll be sure to give you a full update later!


  1. Up here, where Uggs (and LL Bean's) rule (hands down)these new Sorels have really been coming on strong this season. Love them!

  2. Oh speaking of which, I just got a pair of Uggs (from the kids section). Man, what a comfortable shoe. And I don't really have to do the required work 'shoe change' when I wear them :)

  3. so great that you got your uggs!!! what color did you get? is it the tall or short? mine's about to turn 2 yrs old and it still looks fantastic! i wear it most days when i go to work...they're just so warm and it's nice to go w/o socks!

  4. Mine are short (I mentioned I got the 'youth' version, right? Well, why not...you save like 30 bucks and there is very little difference...maybe the shaft is a little shorter). I got them in gray and I love them!! I bought a pair of the fake Target ones last year to see if I liked them enough to buy the real ones. Should have done it a long time ago. I dont' want to take them off.

    Did you ever see that blurb on French Vogue.com that featured your Sorel's and the classic LL Beans. So great!