You know what's suprisingly fun...

...shopping for wine and spirits! Just so you don't misunderstand me, I am in no way, shape, or form, any sort of wine connoisseur. But this time of year, I find myself in the local wine shops a lot more often (for obvious reasons :) and I have to admit, once I got past the intimidation factor, I really started to enjoy the process. Let's talk about that intimidation factor for a second; listening to wine experts talk is a little like listening to expert skiers...they have a language all their own and frankly, it all sounds pretty pretentious. But then I realized there are some tangible things that I like and don't like and there are always those fabulous wine ratings to help you through the process. In the end, I just approached the whole thing the way any good librarian would and did some research....and viola! No fear and a reliably good bottle of wine on the table to boot! CHEERS!!


  1. i feel the same way as you!!....love the first (for obvious reasons!) and i've seen the cupcake...love the name. that's a huge factor in whether i like the wine (or beer!). :)

  2. Well, of course...it has to have a great label :)