London via friends

I mentioned that I have 2 wonderful friends who are spending the holiday in England. Because they know I would give my right arm to be with them right now, they have been sending me pics...which are really meant just for me but are just so awesome, I had to post. Shhhhh...don't tell them :) Here's an assortment of breads at Jamie Oliver's new spot.
Boy George spotting!
Beautiful color scheme of the tubes.
Oxford Street at Christmast time. OK, who wants to hop on a plane now?


  1. oh dear! makes me long for london!!!! love love love this city so so much!!!
    gorgeous pix too!!!!

  2. I know how much you love London and it just pains me to know I've never been. Soon...very very soon!

    Incidentally, they are having just the best time!

  3. i keep thinking of them when i see news reports on the massive snow!

    oh! you'd love london!!! i think it's right up there w. paris.....but of course paris is paris so no one can really stand up at the top! but so so close! :)