Highlights from an impromptu, 3-day, holiday weekend :)

Hi kids!! Did everyone have an lovely holiday weekend? I know I did 'cause it started with my taking Friday off. I didn't expect to, but since the annual 'Green Party' was on Friday, I figured I'd make a festive day of it! In case you are wondering, the green party was great fun as always (my creation above :)
I finally got a chance to hang the gorgeous print I got from Kris. This pic. does not do it justice. It looks amazing and I (well,it was actually Chris' idea) decided to hang one of Kris' smaller piece next to the larger one (there was an extra hole in that god forsaken plaster wall...perfect cover). At first, I wasn't sure I liked the way it looked...now I adore it. Nice and unsymmetrical...just my style.
Saturday, we all went over to Rookies to watch George St. Pierre (love of my life #22 :) fight Josh Koscheck. GSP won...he's so athletic (and beautiful) that it's kind of insane. (Side note to Adriane...I'm having one of your Brad Pitt a la 'Troy' moments ;)


  1. gorgeous wall!!!! love love Kris's work!!!!

  2. Thanks KJ!! And so glad you like Kris' work...cause...well, you'll see ;)