whatever it takes....

Any Hello Kitty fans out there?....The McDonald's Happy Meal toy is... you guessed it....Hello Kitty character watches!
Good lord, I'm going to have to just buy a few Happy Meals to get these watches...I'm telling you, if my dad were around he'd be the first one to buy 10 HM boxes at once...just so he could give me all the watches!  He was cool like that.  {sigh}


  1. Such an adorable story about your dad KJ :)

    Happy meal anyone? Haven't had one since I was 9...I'd say 1 every 34 years is ok :)

  2. sounds horrible but who cares if you throw out the meal part...just keep the toy!

  3. Do you know when they will be out...'cause there is a McDonalds right on my way home. Just sayin.