peppermint all the way....

Dear friends...what are you up to today? Are you working or are you one of the luck folks who took the whole week off?  Wish I were in the latter boat...but I'm OK because today is my last day before the holiday break.  
Don't you love how these yummy chocolate peppermint cookies look?  Gorgeous AND delicious!  I love peppermint overload during the holidays....and nothing says Christmas like a yummy candy cane, don't you think?
Well, in case I don't get the chance to say it, "I hope everyone has a happy Christmas and a very very healthy new year!"

PS:  Katie, your gift will be on its way tomorrow....This little elf has been behind her postal duties!  :)


  1. These cookies are, dare I say it (cause I rarely do) to DIE for!! I'm with you 100% on peppermint and candy canes...can't get enough!

    I'm in your category KJ...working today. I think there are 3 people in this building today. Really does make you wonder why we bother. I'm taking tomorrow morning off to get to the gym and do food shopping but I'll be in, in the afternoon and then off on Fri!

    Thanks so much for thinking of me KJ!! I have your gifts all in a perfect little line in my bedroom. Having trouble finding a box that fits one item. How do you feel about a post-Xmas, New years gift package? :)

  2. oh, gifts are good any time of year, don't you think, katie????!!! thanks for thinking of me, that's the most important part!! :)

    and your day tomorrow sounds perfect!! we'll be in bethesda watching Somewhere and then a nice sushi lunch to top off the great morning! i'll be sure to report back to you!

  3. Well, of course I agree. Gifts anytime are wonderful! I really enjoy the post Xmas gift because when the day is over I'm always a little sad, so this give me something to look forward too!

    Somewhere and sushi sounds like the best day before Christmas eve ever!