just what i'd been waiting for today....

I cannot tell you how happy I am to see Paul Ferney's Let Them Eat Cakes series as prints!  
I was feeling a bit off today and couldn't make up my mind as to whether I was just feeling numb or feeling anxious...but having stumbled onto the newly created prints has really made me feel better--all of a sudden!
So go check them out and buy some prints!
PS:  I'd been wracking my brain trying to decide which art prints to hang in the baby's room and voila!...I have my answer now!  (In case you were wondering, it was between several Rothko & Shinzi Katoh prints...)
Thank goodness for cakes!

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  1. What can I day except I LOVE these!! They are just spectacular. Laura is going to fall over and die when she sees them.

    Glad they made you feel a little better to :)