here's my card....

I'm so excited to show you my new Rifle Paper Co. calling cards!
(sorry for the scratch marks...I'm kinda paranoid about some things...)
I think I'm getting them today!  Another one of those presents-for-self thing.  I've been having way too many of those lately....I guess it's a good thing the holidays will be over soon!
I had the hardest time picking out the "face"....I kinda liked the Jackie O. look so I went w. that...Plus, the head scarf kinda reminds me of my mom....
Anyway, the whole Rifle site is 20% off through the 25th so maybe you'd like to treat yourself to something small too....
It sure is fun to self gift!  ;)


  1. Oh my god!! Fabulous! Can I request one in my holiday package! Just fantastic!

  2. oh! i've already sealed the box, but I'll be sure to send you one in the mail!!
    Thanks for wanting one!!! Look for it in the mail!