East coast chic

So on the Sartorialist today, you will find this photo. To me, it's a no brainer...she looks fantastic. Simple, unpretentious, comfortable, a perfect fit for her NYC environment. I had to kind of laugh though at some of the comments this photo generated. Folks who didn't recognize...had NEVER seen...her clogs (Dansko's ...of course). Others who just plain didn't get the look. But more than a few astute readers obviously know this look and live it to boot. It was described by more than a few as casual, preppy East Coast chic. This is the look I've grown up with and lived my whole life. It's a look that isn't dependant on high (or over) priced items...it's isn't flashy...it's just what it is. I'm sad for anyone who doesn't get to spend at least 4 days a week in a look like this. To my mind, it's smashing :)


  1. i saw this too and loved it!!!! i have to admit i've never bought clogs/danksos before, but i have always been intrigued. i've tried them on--repeatedly over the last few yrs but i just never bought a pair....BUT this photo has totally convinced me i should! love the details too... esp the patch on the sweater...i swear i saw a sweater like this sometime in early fall and didn't bother...only because i figured my patch would be nowhere near my elbows! that's what happens when you're short!

    love this post!!!

  2. Well, I knew I was preaching to choir on this one KJ! I am on my second pair of Dansko clogs now (I also have a pair of sandals for the summer) and they are just the best shoe. I especially love them because they make me look tall :) But they are so darn comfortable! And I have always loved the way they look. I don't consider myself a clog person but these totally reformed me.

    *you made me laugh out loud with the patch remark :)

  3. oh! i see a "self present" coming! i have noticed i looked WAY taller w. the clogs too!! that's a HUGE added bonus... i'm going to go get a pair!!!! yay! thanks for the endorsement!