Closing out 2010

Dec. 30. Hmmmm. 1 more day left in 2010. What did you guys think of the year? From my perspective, it was pretty darn good...really kind of a transition to good in a way. For me, it was the first year in a few that was really just quiet. My health...quiet...my job...quiet...things at home...quiet...my family and dear friends...quiet. And when you've been through a lot of recent turmoil, quiet is really pretty lovely. Looking back on last year at this time, I was pretty optimistic about the upcoming year and decade...and that gut feeling turned out to be kind of accurate.

So how do I feel about what 2011 may or may not be like...OK, I'm kind of an eternal optimist, but I have to say...it's going to be a good one...'cause we're all going make it that :)

Loving this print by artist Laura Berger. She's got the spirit...so much to be thankful for...and most of it, so very simple :) Happy New Year to you all!

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