happy friday!

Happy Friday, everyone!  Thank goodness the weekend is about to end because it's been a roller coaster week for me...It started off rocky, but I'm ending the week on a happy note.
And what better way to kick off the weekend than w. a very happy cake named Sprinkles!  This is one of the prints I bought last week from Paul Ferney's Let Them Eat Cake collection.
I agonized over which ones to buy and I picked three that I'm pretty satisfied with. I'm eagerly awaiting them now. It's kind of a xmas treat to myself!  I've been buying a lot of art prints lately and I even bought a membership to MOMA last month so I can go there whenever I want...Well, I can't really go whenever, but you get the point.
So one of the deciding factors in picking the cakes was the lovely, witty captions that come with each one.
Here's what "Sprinkles" says, 
:Her vision of heaven involved copious amounts of buttercream frosting.

I thought this was so me....I'm kinda particular about the frosting on my cakes and especially cupcakes...and they taste the absolute best when it's buttercream (none of that cream cheese frosting stuff..)

Anyway, what are your plans for the weekend?  I plan on seeing Black Swan tomorrow, finish up some shopping (because I keep getting so many great discounts!) and eating some yummy foods...

have a great weekend, dear friends! 


  1. Sounds like a winner of a weekend KJ!! The 'cakes' are too wonderful for words. And I am very glad to hear you are in to prints because well, you have some more coming your way ;)

  2. oh really?? so so cool!!! you're too sweet!