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Hi all!  Hope you're all doing well on this Monday afternoon. 
Over the weekend I saw Black Swan and I swear it has to be the best movie of the year!  I absolutely loved it.  Natalie Portman is amazing---I know she's good, but she's great in this movie. I don't want to give anything away for Katie, but just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing this movie.  If it doesn't receive Best Actress, Director, and Picture....I don't have much hope for the Academy........
Run to your local theatres!...cause it's a masterpiece!

On a shopping side note, I had a great time visiting the Tysons J.Crew after the movie....The whole store was 25% off so I bought a few things, including the Saint James Naval tee. I've been drooling over this for yrs and I finally just got it---Love it!  I also got some jewelry and a new watch strap for my J.Crew/Timex Military watch.

All in all not so bad... I'm hoping the next two days go by really fast because I'm so looking forward to my Wednesday NY trip!

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  1. Oh man! This is so exciting! Black Swan open this Fri up here and with this billing...well, I am going to see it FOR SURE on Sunday with Chris. I can hardly wait!! I'd go Saturday but the Dryden is screening 'White Christmas' and well, I can't miss that on the big screen :)

    How much do you love the St. James tee?!! If I could wear mine everyday I would!

    Shopping and movies = great weekend!