...and finally, something mega cute to end the day

Seriously, you can't possibly expect me NOT to post this pic of Laura's lab. Zeus. So sleepy after a morning of fun in the snow. Sigh...so cute :)


  1. Isn't he something! I've been running with him every evening in the park and he is loving it!! The trails are real snowy and there is no one around so he is off leash the entire time, you have never seen a happier pup. This is a picture of his essential mid morning nap which you know about of course. Sleepy sleepy sleepy!!
    Also I put this flannel sheet over his bed, he looks like a college freshmen who just bought some twin sheets for the dorm.:)

  2. He does look like a very academic guy! Actually this is what a lot of the kids on campus look like these days. Finals start today...and you know...that equals no sleep.