I heart Isaac Mizrahi

You know who I absolutely adore?  Isaac Mizrahi!  I just think he's super talented and adorable!...The best style book ever is How to Have Style.  This book rocks! I've looked at it a million times and I find something new and inspiring each time I flip through it.  His eye for what works & looks right is phenomenal!  I love his work!
Just read he was on Martha's show earlier in the week...How cute is that?


  1. OK, this book must be awesome because I did a post on it a little while back too!


    Great minds KJ...great minds :)

  2. you know, i kinda knew you did a post on this, but hey! he's a genius so i guess 2 tributes are better than one!

    i picked it up at the library a few months back and i remember how inspirational it turned out to be.. very much like the Sartorialist book... i can go through a few pages of that book each night before bedtime and i swear i feel a bit peppier and happier.... i feel the same w. isaac's book!


  3. also, i remember you did a few of these style book posts..one on nina garcia comes to mind.
    well, i did go out and get her 100 book and i loved loved it!!! that's another one that is just gorgeous...but ruben's illustrations are a huge part of the rockin' genius on that one!

  4. I have to tell you, I totally LOVE the blogs that we do on the same subject because it proves one things for sure ... we should totally be blogging together.

    I have had pretty bad luck with style books in the past but Isaac's and Nina Garcia's are 2 exceptions. They are great and go back to them all the time.

    And ydou are so right about Ruben Toledo's drawings...genius!