paying homage

Who watched Twin Peaks in the early 90s?  I was a huge fan and now I've just learned that Psych, a popular USA show that I also am a big fan of, will do an homage-episode to the great show.  The episode is called "Dual Spires" and will be on tonight on USA at 10pm Eastern. 

PS:  Forgot to mention.....many of the stars from Twin Peaks will also guest on tonight's episode of Psych!
Double yay!


  1. I was not really a Twin Peaks watched, I must admit, but I have heard a lot about this homage episode. Now's my chance to get on board with Twin Peaks...as usual..late to the tv game. Maybe in 2030 I'll start watching 'Mad Men' and 'Glee'. What is wrong with me?

  2. psych is really funny...a lot of 80s/90s references...and Glee! you must watch it now!