I love London...

...'cause any city that allows Beatles fans to act so dorky, yet so awesome is just well, the best.

Thank you Cup of Jo

Happy Birthday...

...to you, Ms. M. Hope you have a good one...relaxing, and full of delicious treats :)

Love you


Did you know?

When I found out Jean Paul Gaultier was doing a line for Target, I pretty much figured they could get anyone they wanted to do a collection...and then I found out about Zac Posen. His lookbook is out...just how does Target manage this sort of coup?


Thinking about Ms. M's dad

(a favorite pic of me, with my own dad...many years ago :)

Today, I woke up and realized that I got lucky...because I had the chance to meet Ms. M's dad. We met at her wedding back in '04. Ms. M's family generously took us all out for tea and treats of every kind, on the day before the wedding. What a fun afternoon! Such generous people, I thought. Well, it wasn't really a surprise. I knew her dad had to be wonderful...he looked simply adorable in pictures she showed me. And of course there is the real proof...he raised Ms. M and you are never going to find a finer, cooler, smarter, kinder person in the world. The thing I remember most about our brief meeting was his incredibly warm smile...and his gentle nature. Weddings can be tricky...even though it's such a happy occasion, emotions are running pretty out-of-control. But every once in a while, I would look over at Mr. Jeon...and I would smile. In some ways, that feeling...the special feeling a father gives you reminded me of my own dad. Nothing can ever replace it.

Even though I didn't see him everyday, I felt better knowing Ms. M's dad was there. The sense of loss is profound...but the warmth that comes from knowing you got lucky enough to have someone so lovely in your life...even for a brief and shining moment...can help ease the pain.

I am holding your dad in my heart Ms. M...always.

An invitation

I know how much you and your family love Florida Ms. M. So do I. Please come with me in the spring...come stay in my mom's place in the Keys. I have retreated there often...especially during hard times. It never fails to help me feel better...even when you never ever thought you could.

Love always


to my dad

i lost my dad 16 days ago. i absolutely adored him. my parents & i were always like the three musketeers and his absence now is paralyzing. i miss him terribly and wish i could see him and touch his hands one more time. the above picture is of clearwater beach, a beautiful spot along the gulf of mexico, that my parents & i used to visit often. we're headed there this weekend to lay his ashes & bring him back home to florida.


...thank you to The Sartorialist ... for brightening my day with this shot from Rio.

Heart Flag Garland

What an adorable tip from Poppytalk! This Heart Flag garland by Etsy artist CoriKindred seems a wonderful way to celebrate Valentines day for those who think red and pink hearts are just a little to cutesy (I'm not one of those people...I love traditional Valentines day fare...but I adore this garland too). I'm thinking...for my kitchen...hmmm.

Looking for a new cleanser?

I am crazy about my 2 new facial cleansers. One for the morning...one for the evening. L'Oreal's new Go 360 Clean is not a discovery I can claim that I made. It was actually a tip from my sister and boy is she right. It's really fabulous. It comes with this little scrubber that I never thought I would use...but I do! My face feels fresh and clean but never dry. It takes a lot for me to change from my usual faves (Cetaphil and classic Neutrogena) but this is such a great face soap, I may never go back to the others. Speaking of Neutrogena however, their new Deep Cleaning Relaxing Nightly Cleanser is pretty hard to beat. I absolutely buy the idea that the scent of lavender can really relax you at the end of the day. That is why I am always looking for body washes et al with that soothing aroma. I never imagined it could make a difference in a facial soap but it does. And like my other new fave, no drying ... just a nice smooth complexion...and who the heck doens't want that!

Wish List

Yesterday evening, I renewed my long time love for Anthropologie. You guys already know that I've been going on for months about the new store ... well, it opened this weekend and I had the chance to check it out with 2 lovely friends. It did not disappoint...in fact it was even better than I expected (again proving my theory that this store is best experienced in person). I bought a couple of adorable little latte bowls (in egglant and cream color) to add to my collection (thanks Ms. M!) and another digit jar to jazz up my kitchen. These items pictured are things I have on my (new) wish list. The "ruffle dress" is gorgeous. You can't really see the detail in this pic. (check out the link) but its just beautiful. In fact, there were so many amazing dresses that I left so excited...finally a place to shop for that part of my wardrobe that has been so lacking for years.

Anyway, life is good...Anthropologie is in town and shopping just got a whole lot more heavenly :)



I love this tip from the blog 'A Cup of Jo'. Viewville is a terrific online resource for affordable, fine-art photography. Sometimes these sites can be kind of lame with less than quality prints but it didn't take me long to see some great work after perusing this catalog.

*The photo here is titled, "Dewey"

Too delicious for words

(Disclaimer: I am about to post on perhaps the yummiest thing on the planet...so delicious and refreshing, I am seriously warning you that you will become addicted. For those of you not lucky enough to have the fabulous supermarket, Wegmans, in your neighborhood, I apologize, but you will at least, be avoiding an addiction more serious than any other)

Wegmans Pink Grapefruit Sorbet is my obsession of the new year. I never, EVER eat cold things in January but all bets are off on this. Eating this treat is like biting into an actual grapefruit. I'm not sure when I've tasted anything quite so amazing!


I could not agree more...

...with the sentiment in this gorgeous watercolor... everything really is cooler in Paris.


A pause...

For the faithful followers of Ooh La La DuJour, you may have noticed that the number of posts has been a little lighter lately. Don't worry...Ms. M and I are not going anywhere. We are just pausing a bit to catch our breath...ponder the ups and downs of life...and reflect.

Love you always and always Ms. M.



Anxiously awaiting...

...the opening of Anthropologie on January 15, 2010 at Eastview Mall. The timing could not be better too. I've got the post-holiday blues so this shopping jewel will really pick up my spirits. Plus, I have really been wanting to change the knob on the medicine cabinet in my bathroom. Which one of these 2 cuties do you love? And of course I will be checking out their adorable tea towels. I can't have enough of these in my kitchen (even though I think they are much too nice ot use :)

New Year...New lip balm

Everyone knows I am addicted to lip balm. I have so many I can barely keep track. Some are old faves and some are kind of duds. Badger Cocca Butter Lip Balm is definitely no dud. In fact, it's awesome. I bought the 'Creamy Cocca' and I'm in love. Here in Rochester, you have to have a serious lip balm. But even the most serious ones don't hold a candle to Badger. It softens while it protects you lips and you don't have to apply it every 5 minutes. Another great thing about Badger is design related...the tube is a little larger than the average lip balm so I don't spend forever fubbling around to find it. I can hardly wait to try the other flavors!