New Year...New lip balm

Everyone knows I am addicted to lip balm. I have so many I can barely keep track. Some are old faves and some are kind of duds. Badger Cocca Butter Lip Balm is definitely no dud. In fact, it's awesome. I bought the 'Creamy Cocca' and I'm in love. Here in Rochester, you have to have a serious lip balm. But even the most serious ones don't hold a candle to Badger. It softens while it protects you lips and you don't have to apply it every 5 minutes. Another great thing about Badger is design related...the tube is a little larger than the average lip balm so I don't spend forever fubbling around to find it. I can hardly wait to try the other flavors!


  1. Sounds Great!! Joe is looking for a new lip balm since he can't find his favorite unpetroleum anymore. I would like to try the 'mocha cocoa' yummy!1 "Excuse me, there's chocolate in my mocha!!":)

  2. Ha! You remember the famous B&N mocha story. Made working there almost worth it :)

    Badger is awesome!!!