to my dad

i lost my dad 16 days ago. i absolutely adored him. my parents & i were always like the three musketeers and his absence now is paralyzing. i miss him terribly and wish i could see him and touch his hands one more time. the above picture is of clearwater beach, a beautiful spot along the gulf of mexico, that my parents & i used to visit often. we're headed there this weekend to lay his ashes & bring him back home to florida.


  1. Ms. M I was so terribly sorry to hear about the passing of your dad. I have heard so many wonderful things about him over the years that I feel like I knew him. Clearwater beach looks like the most beautiful and peaceful place to be laid to rest.
    You are always in my thoughts :)
    We love you,
    Laura, Joe, Zeus and Chaka

  2. Just one more thing we have in common with Ms. M...both our dad's loved Florida. So comforting to know they will be there together.

    I'm not even sure what else to say. Devastating news...I'm not sure I'm over the shock.

    We love you always Ms. M