Thinking about Ms. M's dad

(a favorite pic of me, with my own dad...many years ago :)

Today, I woke up and realized that I got lucky...because I had the chance to meet Ms. M's dad. We met at her wedding back in '04. Ms. M's family generously took us all out for tea and treats of every kind, on the day before the wedding. What a fun afternoon! Such generous people, I thought. Well, it wasn't really a surprise. I knew her dad had to be wonderful...he looked simply adorable in pictures she showed me. And of course there is the real proof...he raised Ms. M and you are never going to find a finer, cooler, smarter, kinder person in the world. The thing I remember most about our brief meeting was his incredibly warm smile...and his gentle nature. Weddings can be tricky...even though it's such a happy occasion, emotions are running pretty out-of-control. But every once in a while, I would look over at Mr. Jeon...and I would smile. In some ways, that feeling...the special feeling a father gives you reminded me of my own dad. Nothing can ever replace it.

Even though I didn't see him everyday, I felt better knowing Ms. M's dad was there. The sense of loss is profound...but the warmth that comes from knowing you got lucky enough to have someone so lovely in your life...even for a brief and shining moment...can help ease the pain.

I am holding your dad in my heart Ms. M...always.

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