Looking for a new cleanser?

I am crazy about my 2 new facial cleansers. One for the morning...one for the evening. L'Oreal's new Go 360 Clean is not a discovery I can claim that I made. It was actually a tip from my sister and boy is she right. It's really fabulous. It comes with this little scrubber that I never thought I would use...but I do! My face feels fresh and clean but never dry. It takes a lot for me to change from my usual faves (Cetaphil and classic Neutrogena) but this is such a great face soap, I may never go back to the others. Speaking of Neutrogena however, their new Deep Cleaning Relaxing Nightly Cleanser is pretty hard to beat. I absolutely buy the idea that the scent of lavender can really relax you at the end of the day. That is why I am always looking for body washes et al with that soothing aroma. I never imagined it could make a difference in a facial soap but it does. And like my other new fave, no drying ... just a nice smooth complexion...and who the heck doens't want that!


  1. The Go 360 Clean soap is unbelievable!! My skin at this time of the year is so tricky, but since I've been using the green bottle(foaming cleanser) my skin is never too dry or oily, this stuff is a miracle worker!! I just bought the exfoliating orange bottle it is pretty good, it smells like grapefruit, I like the green much better.
    I also love the neutrogena nightly cleanser, that smell is so soothing, I love it!!:)

  2. Good to know you like the 'green' best Laura. I know I don't do well with exfoliators. They are just a little too harsh. Of course I do love grapefruit anything.

    If you haven't tried the Neutrogena, definitely do! It's awesome. If you are a night shower-er like me, it really does feel and smell wonderful and it helps you wash off all the grossness of the day.