Natural Beauty

Ever since I saw Good Hair, the amazing documentary that Chris Rock made about African American women's hair, I've been kind of obsessed with the subject. So I was super-thrilled to see this wonderful Kickstarter project that is really an homage to the afro. Afros really need to be celebrated because they're just about the most kick-ass hairdo a woman can have. (And I'm also really glad to have found a Kickstarter project that we can support on ooh la la that isn't fully funded yet. Give, give, give!)


Color Splash

80s fashion is not my thing but I'm into these bracelets for those times when you've got a sedate outfit on, you're about to meet friends for drinks, and you need a quick splash of five different colors with one quick accessory.


Extinguishing Boring Design

I think one of my favorite things in life is seeing something redesigned that I never expected to see redesigned. Fire Design decided, and rightly so, that the standard fire extinguisher design was getting old so they came up with a whole line of fun and funky designs. Hm... Though I love fire trucks as they are, I'm wondering if someone can take on a redesign of those boxy behemoths to come up with something truly functional and fun to look at, just like these fire extinguishers!


Traveling Cameras

This image was created on a disposable camera that traveled, in several hands, to Walt Disney World and the Middle East. The camera was one of many that was left in a random place by the Disposable Memory Project. When and if the cameras are returned to the project organizers, the resulting images and the camera's geographical path are documented on the site. Really a beautiful concept that continues to unfold slowly as cameras are returned. I love projects like this where so much is left up to chance. In a really great way, this taps into the collective creativity that exists within all of us.


More reasons to love spring

According to Refinery 29, due to arrive this April...Kate Spade nail polish. Please tell me I'm not dreaming. I might just fall over from joy and excitement :)



I am finally, finally getting a chance to catch up on my magazines at home...sadly, the April issue of Vogue arrived just as I finally had opened the March issue. At any rate, there is a fascinating article on Francoise Gilot and a new exhibit featuring her art along side Picasso. The thing that took my breath away was this picture of Gilot...at 90. Wait...what?!? Proving once again that French women are absolutely incredible.

Reading my mind

You know what I was just thinking...no more than a week ago...wouldn't it be amazing if the accessory queen Kate Spade had a line of those bracelets you all know I flip out for? Well, guess what I just discovered in the new arrival today...be still my heart..I want each and every single one :)

Interior Design Treasure-Trove

I am loving Lonny Magazine right now. I think they're one of the most well done online magazines out there right now, especially for interior design. The current issue has some delicious design ideas from cover to cover.


Jacques Loves...

Guess what kids...if you've been missing KJ's awesome posts, you don't have to anymore...she has a fabulous tumblr called Jacques Loves (I think we all know who Jacques is :) that I get daily inspiration from. Check it out and see fabulousness like this ...


Louis Vuitton Spring 2012

What do you kids think of the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 ad campaign. The images have been out there for a little while now but I always like to see them the old-fashioned way (on the pages of Vogue) before I judge. I have to say, I adore them. Even though I'm not super into pastels, and I'm way more preppy than frou-frou, this campaign is about as much fun as an ad can be. In a word...LOVE!

Colors of India

It's interesting to me how, as the world gets smaller and smaller, fashions from different countries, that at one time seemed so other, are now popping up here in the US. Take this colorful little number with Indian flourishes. I just found it after having a gander at the website http://exclusively.in. Most of the items on this site are probably too Indian to appeal to most non-Indian women but scouring this site will lead you to some great finds. Love!


'Slippers'...the new ballet flat

Of course ballet flats are going no where but there days, I have to admit my attention has been severely diverted to the 'slipper' look. I'm not even exactly sure what the shape of shoe is officially called. I feel like I've seen it all...slipper, loafer, tuxedo flat. Well, whatever the name, I am in love. I've been on the hunt for a neutral pair (of course, it's me Katiep for Pete's sake) but I am also bound and determined to find a perfect pair in animal print. Mega-love these from Cole Haan. Raaawr :)

Watches+Kate Spade=Obsession

Combining 2 of my all-time favorite things on the planet, Kate Spade now has a line of watches. Let the joyful dance begin :) These are just a couple I love. Aren't they gorgeous?

Cheer All Year

Step 1: Look at your current calendar.
Step 2: Decide if it brightens your day.
Step 3: If not, go to Snow & Graham's website immediately and replace it.
Step 4: If yes, go to Snow & Graham's website immediately to buy someone a gift.


Candy gift wrap

This gift wrap paper from Kate's Paperie is waaaaaay too goo just to toss. It's so adorable, I want a sheet just for framing!


Have you been following Chris' blog, The Blue Whitetail? I hope you have. He's on tumblr now too and here's a recent post.

Turning your look in to mine

I saw this picture on someone's tumblr a few weeks back and instantly became obsessed with it. It seems so simple but how on earth to duplicate it. The stripped shirt is easy enough...as everyone know, I have enough of those :) But where oh where do I find that gorgeous camel colored cardigan. After countless hours spent online, desperately trying to fine one that even cam close (without breaking the bank) you know where I ended up finding one that is exactly what I was looking for? My own closet. Yup. A few years back my mom gave a me a cardigan that is the exact color as this one. I really hadn't worn it much lately but now...well, it's back in my regular rotation and this look...I have finally achieved it. Love.


Happiness and Unicorns

Ooh la la readers, I have big news. I went to my first TEDx conference. I went with an open mind but also wasn't sure how cool it would be. Let me tell you: I was blown away. If you don't know what TEDx conferences are, you need only watch one video. In every way possible I want to highly encourage you to run, not walk, to this video of Shawn Anchor talking about unicorns and happiness. This man is my new idol. (Shawn didn't speak in person at the TEDx conference I attended but they did screen his video in between the live talks.) AMAZING!!


Loving camel...and a bargain

It's no secret...I love Old Navy. And while I know it can be a little hit and miss, when they are on ... they can work miracles. Look at this little number that the folks over at Matchbook's blog The Daily Fancy, put together. It's kind of genius...and every piece, under $30. Love.


Back to Monday and (cross my fingers :) back to blogging

Well, helloooo kids :) You know what, I am in a pretty darn fine mood. And why shouldn't I be? It's March in Rochester and all this week the temps are going to be in the 60's...what!?!?! I don't care why but I'll take it! It's Spring Break on campus which means a lovely quiet has descended...at least for a week. Then we really hit the ground running toward the end of the semester. Did you have a great weekend? I did, even though it was uneventful.  I decided I am going to aspire to an outfit like this (above) for the weekend...or at least for Fridays at work. It was something I spotted on Pinterest and I love every single thing about it.
Isn't this sailboat top the cutest thing?! I saw it at Old Navy and it's  must have for the spring.

Chris' birthday was last week and it seemed only fair that I make one of his all-time favorite dishes...fasolatha or Greek white bean soup. I have to admit, it's kind of a foolproof dish and in my beautiful Le Creuset, well, it never came out better. It's a very traditional dish Greeks love to eat, especially during Lent since it's 100% vegetarian. Try out this excellent recipe and you'll see why everyone raves about the Mediterranean diet :)

Awake and Alert

Isn't it so frustrating when you wake up after eight hours of sleep and you're just groggy and out of it? Isn't it wonderfully amazing when the tech geeks come along and solve a problem for you that you didn't even think they could solve? That's right, folks, there's now an app that can wake you up from your slumber at the optimal time during your sleep cycle so you wake up bright-eyed and bushy tailed. I've been using this app as my alarm for a week and the thing works miracles. This app is now the top-selling app in Japan and Germany. And, well, if Japan and Germany have signed on then, gosh darn it, so have I. Did I mention the app only costs $1?


Hauntingly Beautiful

I just recently discovered Frank Relle's nighttime photography from New Orleans and the images are stunningly beautiful. His images capture the splendor and the character of this place like no other images I've ever seen. I've also heard that he's now teaching classes so, if you're in New Orleans, look him up!


A Classic Done Right

A great article in the NY Times about how and how not to wear a tux. Financially, I'm not yet at a point where I can buy a tux but man, oh man, I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that day. George Clooney, of course, is the example we should all aspire to. Now he knows how to wear a tux!


Pinterest con't

Oh kids...obviously apologies are necessary for the lack of posts on my part for the last couple weeks. Honestly, you really can blame it all on Pinterest. If you are already on Pinterest, then I don't have to explain a thing. It is the worlds most entertaining time suck on the planet. But here's why it's a bonafide obsession for me...because my whole life has been a Pinterest 'board' for like the last 25 years. Everywhere I go...cubicle walls, the fridge at home, the 'inspiration board' that is always way too small...were what is now contained so beautifully and neatly on Pinterest. And whenever I am looking for a little something to brighten my day, I pop over and look at all the loves of my life...people, food, clothes...you name it. It's the most brilliant thing of 2012 so far. 

So, I guess I am confessing that the posts really will be less...2 to 3 a week. But I do so encourage you to get onto Pinterest if you aren't. It's an amazing way to share things with the world...or at least people who have similar interests and I can kind of guarantee that you'll fall in love.


Method to the Madness

I've long been a fan of Bjork's and it was delightful to read NY Mag's write-up about her in the current issue. Her latest album, it turns out, was made to be used an educational tool and is now a part of the curriculum in Reykjavik middle schools. And why is Bjork on my mind lately? Mostly because of Kristen Wiig's amazing impersonations of her on SNL, my favorite of which is here.


Let Them Eat Pie

For all you pie lovers out there: My very talented writer friend, Jacqueline Delibes, wrote up some very helpful Pie Day tips.


The 30 Coolest

Steve McQueen in Bullit
Very interesting list on the 30 coolest films of all time. What do you think? Are all your favorites listed? Hard to argue with a single one though I admit that I am intrigued by the 2011 film Drive being on the list. I haven't seen it but am dying to now. Ryan Gosling just may the closest we have to cool these day...and let's face, he really is.

Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction