Pinterest con't

Oh kids...obviously apologies are necessary for the lack of posts on my part for the last couple weeks. Honestly, you really can blame it all on Pinterest. If you are already on Pinterest, then I don't have to explain a thing. It is the worlds most entertaining time suck on the planet. But here's why it's a bonafide obsession for me...because my whole life has been a Pinterest 'board' for like the last 25 years. Everywhere I go...cubicle walls, the fridge at home, the 'inspiration board' that is always way too small...were what is now contained so beautifully and neatly on Pinterest. And whenever I am looking for a little something to brighten my day, I pop over and look at all the loves of my life...people, food, clothes...you name it. It's the most brilliant thing of 2012 so far. 

So, I guess I am confessing that the posts really will be less...2 to 3 a week. But I do so encourage you to get onto Pinterest if you aren't. It's an amazing way to share things with the world...or at least people who have similar interests and I can kind of guarantee that you'll fall in love.

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