Wish List

Yesterday evening, I renewed my long time love for Anthropologie. You guys already know that I've been going on for months about the new store ... well, it opened this weekend and I had the chance to check it out with 2 lovely friends. It did not disappoint...in fact it was even better than I expected (again proving my theory that this store is best experienced in person). I bought a couple of adorable little latte bowls (in egglant and cream color) to add to my collection (thanks Ms. M!) and another digit jar to jazz up my kitchen. These items pictured are things I have on my (new) wish list. The "ruffle dress" is gorgeous. You can't really see the detail in this pic. (check out the link) but its just beautiful. In fact, there were so many amazing dresses that I left so excited...finally a place to shop for that part of my wardrobe that has been so lacking for years.

Anyway, life is good...Anthropologie is in town and shopping just got a whole lot more heavenly :)

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