hip hip hooray!

Doesn't SC look warm in that cute fur?  I think she's the only person who looks non-grannyish in a fur!  Take a look at French Vogue's slide show of SC's looks....
We will be in NY in less than 24 hrs and I am super super excited! It's supposed to be frigid tomorrow, but that doesn't really matter because I'll be seeing Sofia!!!  I'm hoping we won't have to stand in line too long at the NYTimes building, but I have read of people waiting for hrs on end to get a good seat (of course this was for Harry Potter & Meryl Streep...but SC can't be as popular as them, right?...)
So I'll take mental notes of EVERYTHING (what she's wearing, what she says, etc..)!!!

Hope everyone keeps warm today!

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  1. Love this slide show so much ... and I can hardly believe that you are 24 hours from Sofia!! Yes...mental notes...I mean top to bottom recoutning of the event...pics if possible. Oh wow, I couldn't be more excited if I was going myself!!