darn it!

Why do I keep running into things I can't have??? It's become a serious habit lately.... I love this necklace (which was available at Anthropologie), but apparently it's not available any longer.  Darn!...well, truth be told: Damn it!  
I'm either a year or a season behind a lot of stuff that are super fantastic but totally hard to find.  I ran into this problem with my Orla Kiely nappy bag, which I thankfully found and was the last one apparently. It happened with another baby item (a carrier I wanted in specific fabric) and I'll definitely never find that item--ever.  I really really tried though.  
And it almost happened again with a pair of eye glasses I've been admiring for a while now.  A  work colleague had the coolest frames and I finally got the nerve to ask where she bought hers.... Well, it turns out the frames are from the past year and it took me forever to find it from a reputable dealer. So here's my new specs:

 I love them!  Now, I'm usually kinda boring when it comes to glasses.  Usually go with the preppy type and my current ones are a cat's eye shape, but it's definitely way more modest than these above.  I think they're soooo cool. Very chic librarian, don't you agree?  Now, let's hope I actually look half way decent with them on.


  1. Those frames really are gorgeous! Congrats on the great find! Boy do I have to get new frames. I never wear glasses but that's no excuse. I've had the same frames since '03. I just never wear them so it's a low priority to get new ones. These are quite inspiring however.

    The necklace is way cute too. I know I dont have to to tell you to never give up. Remember the Kate Spade pen necklace!

  2. BTW...Do you have a favorite place to guy glasses online?