Finally....Sweater Weather!

Who else is in love with the Nov. J.Crew items??? Esp love the photo above...It's a bit Orla Kiely-ish, don't you think??? It's the chaise fabric, I think.....Plus, there's a richness about this whole look that just screams, "Orla!" (Also, I'm going through a bit of a Orla K. fetish at the moment....Brought about by the arrival of my new O.K. nappy bag last night)
**Side note: who else has been a bit disappointed by J.Crew as of late? Their selections and esp their catalogs have been--dull.  Same boring look (the coral lipstick w. pale skin thing).  I'm glad they're moving towards more richer, vibrant colors for the beginning of fall.

OK..Here are my picks for this month:
Love the kangaroo pockets

I love this particular sweater for the buttons.  J.Crew had a Dream Crewneck sweater a few years ago w. buttons on one side and I loved them!  I'm so glad they brought the buttons back!

  Again, the gold dome buttons are fantastic!  Very French chic, non?

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  1. Another great post KJ! These sweater are positively beautiful. Totally in love with button-shouldered sweater. Now I haven't seen this new catalog yet but it looks so promising. I am 100% with you on the last, oh I don't know, 3 or 4 catalogs. Pathetic. I have been way way more excited by Lands End Canvas and LL Bean Signature. As for sweaters, I have wanted that elusive sweater-jacket forever and caved and bought my beloved Patagonia version. I could not be more thrilled. I was going to go with a JCrew version but the reality is that for the prices they charge the quality is not there. The last JCrew sweater I bought totally unraveled at the sleeves. This will not happen to my Patagonia version...guarateed. JCrew is going to have to work pretty hard at this point to win me back...100%.